Unsolved: The Zodiac Killer
This interactive and multi-perspective book tells the story of The Zodiac Killer during the late 1960s. This book covers four of the most memorable attacks by the serial killer. This book is a time capsule of the case that became one of America's unsolved murders. 
Broken into two perspectives, the first is on the outside of the case files. This covers all the information the general public had at the time. These pages represent the thought process of a civilian trying to solve the mystery. 
Second, there are 4 cases within their own manilla file, which holds all the information the San Francisco police force had at this time. There are small code elements throughout this section for the user to decipher using the key along the way.
Throughout this visual journey, the reader uses the code key to solve the Zodiac's ciphers. Ripping the pages perforated edges, reveals a final message: I am still here try to find me.
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