Progressive Art Collection app

Progressive is most know for being a Fortune 500 insurer or maybe for their brand icon Flo. What Progressive now can be known for is their drive to make the company culture unique, creative and a place for learning, by filling their headquarter offices with 10,000+ contemporary artwork. For the first time ever this artwork is now available to the public, work-from-home employees and art historians at their fingertips with The Progressive Art Collection app.
The Progressive Art Collection houses more than 400 pieces of artwork, available to browse by curated collections and exhibitions. Using Augmented Reality technology users scan artwork either on campus or virtually to learn more details about the art and creator. AR is also used to create a "View in your room" function, where the user can place a piece of artwork on their wall at home, move it around, scale it up, take photos and share with friends via message. 
The visual identity is simplistic to allow for the variety of artwork to shine. Using a minimalistic palette, the app is set in a deep blue dark mode for optimal contrast. Cornering elements used within the identity represent not only the apps scanning function but an artworks frame. 
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