Consumer Emails
Progressive Insurance | 2020
In order to acquire potential customers, our collaborative marketing team created a persona-based email campaign. With a distinct identity, we were able to curate the creative directly to the consumer. Variable data throughout the copy allows for a more personalized experience and creates a lasting customer to brand relationship. There are 4 touch points over a one week time span for the brand to build that connection in hopes of a quote completion. 

This persona is called the Detailed Considerer. While they are shopping for insurance they are checking all available resources and making sure they are getting the best price and the most discounts. Progressive wants them to know that we are handling all of that work for them and in return delivering all the information they need to make a decision in one email. I created simple, branded animations that represent a consumers insurance shopping process to grab their attention and serve as a reminder that we understand them. 
Banner Ads
Progressive Insurance | 2020
The digital design team is responsible for researching trends in the banner space and evaluating previous results to produce outstanding advertisements. As a designer and developer I am in a unique position to bring my designs to life with code and create interactive ads that catch users attention and draw them in to the call to action. Requirements for the ads are to maintain brand standards with color, typeface and usage of brand icon, Flo. 
Each display ad is created frame by frame at a variety of sizes then developed with HTML, CSS and Javascript to animate it and bring it to life. 
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