Digital Marketing
Web Content, Email
Nuuly Rent is a clothing rental subscription service based out of Philadelphia, housed within the URBN brand. This sustainably driven brand helps customers explore their fashion sense, try new trends and swap between sizes, all while minimizing their carbon footprint without breaking the bank. 
Nuuly Thrift is a secondhand buying and selling platform with the goal to give clothing a second life, even after renting. 
Web & app
Innovative type treatments and photo-manipulation are used to visually tell a merchandising story and push customers to shop from promoted assortments.

Email Marketing
Created a variety of emails that were templatized and unique sends each tailored to specific segmentations and utilizing testing to better understand the customer resulting in high open, click-through rates and retention.
Social Media Content
Filmed, edited and animated content for the Nuuly social channels. Collaborated with stylists to design on trend Instagram stories, in-feed posts and reels to promote engagement with the brand.
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