Humain Beauty
Humain Beauty is a fictitious beauty brand that encourages woman to embrace their natural imperfections. With a simple skin quiz, consumers will be provided with the right skincare routine for them including 3 special formulated products. This is a subscription service that targets woman in college who are looking for affordable and easy access to products that will heal their stressed out skin. Humain Beauty is personalized, trusted and open to all skin types.​​​​​​​
Humain's identity represents natural and organic beauty. The H of the logo loops creating an intricate shape that is delicate simple. Much like our skin. Combining this uniform logo with organic illustrated icons represents the simplicity in this brands promise while feeling natural and imperfect. 
The collaged illustrations include foliage, representing the products all natural ingredients. Combining these leaves with uneven blocks similar to your skins cells. This pattern used throughout the brand shows the user the overall process of the skin care routine.
Users can easily learn more about Humain Beauty's values and products on the website.  Each consumer takes a short quiz answering questions about their skin type which determines the right ingredients for them.  
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