The purpose of this poster series is to raise awareness of the homelessness problem in America by giving two perspectives to the viewer.         
After spending a summer in New York City, I saw first hand the effects homelessness has on a community and environment. We are so quick to categorize people for what they appear, so I wanted to bridge this gap and humanize these people who are struggling every day.
I Used to Be Just Like You
The first poster is using the words of the homeless person to have the viewer see from their eyes. Our country has learned to overlook our issues and accept them as they are and that there is nothing that can be done to make change. However, change starts simply with recognition and empathy. If a person can acknowledge that these people have a story just like our own, the separation of community would no longer exist. 
Someone Else Will Help
This poster is meant to connect with the viewer by making them question “Will someone else actually help that person?” People choose to turn a blind eye to our problems and think out of sight out of mind. I want the audience to see that ignoring the problem is making the decision to be ignorant. 
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